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GN-IX is an independent organization and set up by the Northern Development Company, the Municipality of Groningen and the University of Groningen. The aim of GN-IX is to support the IT and internet sector in the Northern Netherlands. It does so by offering technical facilities at two locations at the Zernike Campus in Groningen and by (financially) supporting innovative projects. The University's Centre for Information Technology (CIT) and Bytesnet Datacenter Services are two strategic partners and responsible for the implementation of the activities.

Supervisory Board

drs. Fulco Stallmann (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Stolk


Bix G. H. Jacobse MBA

Technical support

Arjen van Wijk

ing. Kevin Elsing

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City of Groningen

The city of Talent!

Groningen is a unique city! It is the economic and cultural heart of the Northern Netherlands. It's also a student town! The many students offer great dynamics. The large number of startups and scale-ups is similar to Silicon Valley! The city also offers many advantages for new internet, and IT companies in particular. The University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Hanze University College and the Noorderpoort College provide a permanent pool of motivated, innovative and qualified people. The work ethic guarantees high productivity and excellent business results.

The region provides good housing, recreation and cultural facilities. FC Groningen is the local football club that puts more time and energy into talent development than any other club! The quality of life is one of the highest in the world. A city to invest in and to live in!

Technical Services

Technical facilities and support

At two locations on the Zernike Campus in Groningen, GN-IX provides technical facilities and support. The locations are the Data centers of the Centre for Information Technology (CIT) of the University of Groningen and of Bytesnet Datacenter Services. In addition, GN-IX has glass fiber connections between these locations and other data centers in the region.


GN-IX offers colocation and housing facilities at the two locations. At CIT only housing facilities for the installation of network equipment (routers) and at Bytesnet also for storage equipment, servers and HPC.

GN-IX offers two types of compounds:

GN-IX provides fiber and other broadband connections between multiple data centers in the Northern Netherlands. You can use these connections to connect equipment between multiple locations for, for example, backup purposes or a twin data center.


Low-2 connections such as VLANs with also the possible up to Q-in-Q tunneling. Low-2 networks are used between two or more data centers.


Low-1 WDM connection or its own light path based on a secure dedicated wavelength with guaranteed bandwidths, low latency and freedom in protocols. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.

Smart Hands

In close cooperation with Center of Information Technology (CIT) and Bytesnet, GN-IX offers the opportunity to support customers with high-quality services by highly trained technical engineers.


Accelerating growth for the startup

The digital society and the presence of sufficient providers of glass fiber and broadband internet offer unique opportunities for the new generation of entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative concepts as well as products and services. In the Boost-up project, GN-IX and its partners offer innovative entrepreneurs the opportunity to accelerate the growth of their young business.

Boost-up will offer a wide range of special services and funding for ambitious start-ups from 1 January 2019.

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Our scale-up partners


Innovation by collaboration

GN-IX stimulates innovative ICT and internet projects, both in the city of Groningen as well as in the entire Northern Netherlands. It does so by offering technical facilities and support, but also by providing financial resources.

Focus areas for GN-IX are mainly initiatives that can promote start-ups and scale-ups, but also projects that promote the innovative use of broadband, 5G as well as new applications like the Internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), data analyzing.

Financial support is mainly given to small-scale, regional, educational projects that ensure that more young people choose to be trained for future jobs in ICT and online business. But also educational projects be considered, which can contribute to the involvement and the increase of knowledge by different groups from society with the process of digitization.

The average financial support for projects is between € 5,000 - € 10,000 per project. The Supervisory Board of GN-IX takes the decisions to support projects and meets regularly or more frequently, if the consideration of a project application warrants so.

Recently supported projects

What our specialists say

“We're here to help!”

Arjen van Wijk
Team leader

“We facilitate safe storage of your data”

Kevin Ensing
Technical Engineer


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