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The Groningen Internet Exchange

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GN-IX is an independent Dutch Foundation and set-up by three (semi) public organizations. Its structure ensures quality of service and continuity. The main participant of the Foundation is the University of Groningen (RuG). The Center of Information Technology (CIT) of the Groningen University is the strategic partner of GN-IX.

Supervisory Board

drs. Fulco Stallmann (President)

Prof. Dr. Ronald Stolk


dhr. Bix G. H. Jacobse MBA

Technical Support

Arjen van Wijk

ing. Kevin Elsing

Our memberships

The City of Groningen

accelerating technology like no other!

Groningen is the economic and cultural heart of the Northern Netherlands. The city offers many benefits for internet and ICT companies. 

The University of Groningen (RuG), the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Noorderpoort College provide in a permanent pool of motivated, innovative and qualified people. The work ethic guarantee high productivity and excellent business results. The area also offers housing, recreation and cultural amenities. The quality of living is one of the highest in the world. 

Please watch the film "The Northern Connection" and realize the value of this region and what it can offer your company.

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The right support

GN-IX offers a range of services:

  • Peering
  • Marketplace
  • Connectivity (Layer 2 or WDM)
  • Hands on services


ISP's, which include Access, Content, Hosting, Mobile and Application Service Providers, use the GN-IX infrastructure primary for exchanging IP traffic on a settlement-free basis, called `peering'. In this way, ISP's can reduce their Internet connectivity costs. Through the GN-iX route-servers, it’s possible to exchange traffic with peering-members of the AMS-IX, FR-IX,   ND-IX and R-iX.


Marketplace ports can be used to exchange various services on a secure way with other marketplace customers. With one marketplace port you can connect to multiple customers (with multiple VLANS). Services provided are I.E. internet connectivity, VoIP and backup services. With our EU-Open partnership it is also possible to connect to providers who are connected to marketplace ports on the or EFX, FR-IX, ND-IX or R-iX.


GN-IX offers connectivity between multiple datacenters in the Northern Netherlands. You can use this service to connect equipment between multiple locations for I.E backup purposes or a twin datacenter concept.

GN-IX offers two types of connectivity:


VLANS or layer 2 networks, can be used between two or more datacenters. It’s possible to use your own VLAN numbers on this connection (Q-in-Q tunnel).

2. WDM

WDM or private waves are always point-to-point. WDM offers guaranteed bandwidths and a low latency.  Please contact us to inform to the opportunities.

Hands on services

In close cooperation with Center of Information Technology (CIT) and Bytesnet GN-IX offers the possibility to support customers with high quality services by highly educated technical engineers.

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Network topology

Connecting the dots

The GN-IX network infrastructure operates on a number of high performance layer two switches from Cisco Systems. The switches are placed in multiple datacenters in Groningen. A private dark fiber ring running Gigabit ethernet connects these sites.

GN-IX also has various routers providing IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity for GN-IX's own systems and management of the switched network. For peering, GN-IX provides redundant route-servers to simplify the management of peering sessions. Through the route-servers, it’s possible to peer with providers on the EU-OPEN partnership exchanges and the AMS-IX.

The GN-IX network provides the following media for customer connections:

  • 100 BaseTX Ethernet - All switches provide 100/1000 Mbps switched Ethernet ports.
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet - The primary sites can also provide a non-blocking 10 Gigabit Ethernet service to members. 


GN-IX has a high quality infrastructure and offers its customers the following facilities:

  • 4 Cisco 6500 switches (1000Base-TX / 1000Base-(SX/LX/T) / 10Gbase-ports)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 standard
  • BGP Route-servers including peering connectivity at the AMS-iX
  • Special air-conditioned computer rooms
  • 24-hour service and full security
  • Special no-break facilities
  • Connectivity between datacenters in Groningen, Nikhef Amsterdam and EU-Open partners

Amsterdam connectivity

As an extra service to its customers, GN-IX offers connectivity to Amsterdam. This facility is of interest to providers wishing to make peering arrangements with providers at AMS-IX in Amsterdam.


Empowering business

The Digital society as well as the presence of sufficient broadband internet suppliers offers unique opportunities for the new generation of entrepreneurs to develop new and innovative products and services. 

In the project Internet Valley GN-IX offers innovative entrepreneurs the possibility to market their ideas quick and professionally. 

In a new initiative Boost-up a wide variety of extra services will be offered for start-ups as of January 1st 2018. Partners of GN-IX in this project are the University of Groningen, the Hanze University and Noorderpoort College as well as Rabobank, de Haan advocaten en notarissen, Afier belastingadviseurs, Axians, Beljon & Westerterp, NESK, Initio, Carduso Capital en GN-IX.

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Our startup partners

Special Projects

Ensuring tomorrows innovation, starts today!

GN-IX stimulates ICT and Internet projects both regional as well as internationally. GN-IX also assist in projects in development countries, especially in the field of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

In the project Digicity GN-IX will promote innovation as of July 2016 in the field of Big Data, High Performance Computing, The Internet of Things and Smart Applications. GN-IX promoted innovation by participating in demo projects with social relevance in relationship to sustainability, accessibility, logistics and security.

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What our specialists say

“Peer with us at 24957.”

Arjen van Wijk
Team lead

“IX's are the solution for powerful, reliable and cost-effective internet connections.”

Kevin Ensing
Technical Engineer

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